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NYT: Fighting the Good Fight

Author: Eileen Donahoe
September 13, 2010


In this New York Times op-ed, Eileen Donahoe weighs in on U.S. participation in the United Nations Human Rights Council, a year after taking a seat as a member.

One year ago, the United States took its seat at the United Nations Human Rights Council. Our pledge as a new member was to exercise U.S. leadership for the purpose of strengthening human rights protections around the globe.

As the first U.S. ambassador to the council, I have articulated three priorities: 1) to make a difference on the ground for human rights defenders and victims; 2) to enhance the efficacy of the council in addressing crisis and chronic human rights situations; 3) to work cooperatively with other nations to lead the council toward fulfillment of its potential as the lead entity within the U.N. system for promoting and protecting human rights.

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