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Rabobank: A new role for the IMF?

Author: Joost van den Akker
June 2008


There is no denying: the world is going through a severe financial crisis that is characterised by some as the worst since the Second World War 1. The severity of this crisis causes an all-too-familiar call for increased regulation. In the G7 and even in the US, the self-proclaimed advocate of free-market principles, the introduction of stronger forms of regulation for financial institutions is put high on the agenda. The International Monetary Fund (IMF), which is in the process of redefining its own role and position, also put forward proposals to alleviate the crisis. In a sense, the current situation provides an ideal platform for the Fund to reaffirm its importance for global financial stability. Notwithstanding the effort, it remains the question what the IMF's contribution would actually be, and what future position the Fund will hold. This special report aims to shed some light on these questions, while also going into the position of the financial sector in this debate.

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