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UN Security Council Update on Myanmar

Published September 17, 2007



UN Security Council Update on Myanmar

This Security Council report on the situation in Myanmar states, "the most immediate key issue for the Council is whether to respond to the continuing unrest in Myanmar at this time. The Council will have to decide at which point the situation warrants a response, bearing in mind the language in the 2005 World Summit outcome document.

A related issue is how any response should be graduated and when and how to take a first step. One possibility would be to set up structures such as a Group of Friends (which would not be the Council as such) which would comprise a number of Council members and which would be able to interact with the Council on a regular basis.

Another key issue is trying to maximise the possibility that Myanmar will engage with the international community. A related issue is how to avoid any perception that the UN is being used as a public relations tool.  The open invitation to Gambari and visits this year by the Deputy Coordinator for Human Affairs and the Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict were promising signs. However, concrete results are now seen as even more important."

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