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The United States and the United Nations (Foreign Affairs Books)

Editors: , Editor, Foreign Affairs, and Peter G. Peterson Chair, Foreign Affairs, and James F. Hoge Jr.

The United States and the United Nations (Foreign Affairs Books) - the-united-states-and-the-united-nations-foreign-affairs-books

Publisher Foreign Affairs

Release Date

Price Out of Print

111 pages
ISBN 0876092954




Why the U.N. Fails
Saadia Touval,  Foreign Affairs,  September/October 1994

Selecting the World's CEO
Brian Urquhart,  Foreign Affairs,  May/June 1995

The U.N. Idea Revisited
Abba Eban,  Foreign Affairs,  September/October 1995

Reforming the United Nations
Paul Kennedy and Bruce Russett,  Foreign Affairs,  September/October 1995

Global Leadership After the Cold War
Boutros Boutros-Ghali,  Foreign Affairs,  March/April 1996

Saving the U.N.
Jesse Helms,  Foreign Affairs,  September/October 1996

The New Interventionism
Michael Glennon,  Foreign Affairs,  May/June 1999

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
Richard Butler,  Foreign Affairs,  September/October 1999

The Fall Guy: Washington's Self-Defeating Assault on the U.N.
Michael Hirsh,  Foreign Affairs,  November/December 1999

Choosing Engagement
William H. Luers,  Foreign Affairs,  September/October 2000

Calling All Regio-Cops
Michael Hirsch,  Foreign Affairs,  November/December 2000

The New Sovereignists
Peter J. Spiro,  Foreign Affairs,  November/December 2000

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