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BBC Persia: Bahman Kalbasi Interviews Hillary Clinton

Interviewee: Hillary Rodham Clinton
Interviewer: Bahman Kalbasi
October 26, 2011


Bahman Kalbasi of BBC Persia interviews Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on current U.S. policy and attitude towards Iran.

QUESTION: Secretary Clinton, thank you very much for sitting down with the BBC. And the response to our call for questions has been overwhelming. The thousands of viewers we have across the Persian-speaking world have sent in their questions. And in a matter of a few days, back when we were initially scheduled to speak with you in the spring, and, of course, in the last 24 hours, got over 1,500 comments on the website, and then over 1,000 emails, many of them in the form of text messages, cell phone calls from Iran, voice messages and videos. And colleagues have selected a number of them as representing the themes that we have received. If you don’t mind, we’ll just go right to them.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Sure. This is very exciting, Bahman. Thank you.

QUESTION: Yes. This is the first question from a viewer that had to cover his face, blur his face, because of security concerns. His name is Amir and he lives in Tehran:

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