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Beinart: No Iraq Compromise on U.S. Political Horizon

Interviewee: Peter Beinart
Interviewer: Robert McMahon
August 7, 2007

The Bush administration and the Democratic-controlled Congress continue to move on divergent paths on Iraq policy. The two sides are set for another showdown over funding the war when lawmakers return from recess in September and the U.S. commander in Iraq delivers his progress report on the U.S. military surge in Iraq. Peter Beinart, CFR's senior fellow for U.S. foreign policy, says Democratic congressional leaders are unlikely to embrace any Republican efforts for bipartisanship on Iraq that do not include a deadline for a troop withdrawal. A chief reason, he says, is that the Democratic Party power base has shifted toward an "engaged liberal core" that has made a drawdown from Iraq a priority.

A larger issue, Beinart says, is the Bush administration's failure to convince Americans "that the war on terror is the guiding prism for foreign policy in the way the Cold War was."

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