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Brookings: Things Fall Apart: Containing the Spillover From an Iraqi Civil War

Authors: Daniel L. Byman, Professor at Georgetown University and Research Director of the Saban Center at Brookings Institution, and Kenneth M. Pollack, Director of Research, Saban Center for Middle East Policy
January 2007


The Brookings Institution says that ‘with each passing day, Iraq sinks deeper into the abyss of civil war.’ It considers how the United States could stop the slide into all-out war, and what actions the US should take if it becomes clear that Iraq cannot be saved from such a conflict. The report considers the history of civil wars in the recent past, and draws a set of lessons regarding how civil wars can affect the interests of other countries, even distant ones like the United States, and then used those lessons to fashion a set of recommendations for how Washington might begin to develop a new strategy for an Iraq caught up in all-out civil war.

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