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Iraq Coalition Provisional Authority Order Number Two, Dissolution of Entities

Published August 23, 2003

The transition government of Iraq, the Coalition Provisional Authority, established this policy on May 23, 2003, to disband the Iraqi Army and other institutions.

From the Annex, list of dissolved entities:


  • Ministry of Defense
  • Ministry of Information
  • Ministry of State for Military Affairs
  • Iraqi Intelligence Service
  • National Security Bureau
  • Directorate of General Security
  • Special Security Organization

Entities affiliated with Hussein bodyguards:

  • Murafaqin (Companions)
  • Himaya al Khasa (Special Guard)

Military organizations

  • Iraqi Army, Air Force, Navy, the Air Defense Force, and other regular military services
  • Iraqi Republican Guard
  • Iraqi Special Republican Guard
  • Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • Al Quds Force
  • Emergency Forces (Quwat al Tawari)


  • Fedayeen Saddam
  • Ba'ath Party Militia
  • Friends of Saddam
  • Saddam's Lion Cubs (Ashbal Saddam)


  • Presidential Diwan
  • Presidential Secretariat
  • Revolutionary Command Council
  • The National Assembly
  • The Youth Organization (al-Futuwah)
  • National Olympic Committee
  • Revolutionary, Special and National Security Courts

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