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Measuring Security and Stability in Iraq, December 2009

Published January 2010



Measuring Security and Stability in Iraq, December 2009

The January 2010 update of this Department of Defense report on stability and security concerns in Iraq covers September-November 2009. As with the previous edition, the report states, "As a consequence of the movement of U.S. combat forces out of Iraqi cities on June 30, 2009, the United States has reduced visibility and ability to verify Iraqi reports. Without a robust U.S. presence, MNF-I metrics include host nation reports that are not independently verifiable. The overall trends between Coalition force data and host nation data are very close, but some values may differ. Current charts show a combination of Coalition and Host-Nation reported data. The combination of these reports causes baseline numbers to increase, making it difficult to compare these charts with those from previous publications of this report."


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