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FT: Ireland Rescue Is Not a Game Changer

Author: Mohamed El-Erian
November 29, 2010


Mohamed El-Erian, chief executive and co-chief investment officer of PIMCO, writes in the Financial Times that the package of emergency loans to Ireland will not significantly change the economic landscape of Europe.

Europe tried to strike a delicate balance this weekend. It granted emergency loans to boost liquidity, an approach that has visibly lost traction in containing the dislocations in the continentís periphery. But it also moved towards a more durable approach to tackles solvency problems, although one that involves greater risk of collateral damage.

The new liquidity package does little to deal with Irelandís debt overhang, or to reduce the embedded cost of its debt. Instead it aims to introduce stability into market conditions, which in turn should allow the Irish government to implement its recently announced austerity package.

Ireland will get Ä67.5bn to recapitalise its banks, and fund the stateís balance sheet. The financing carries an average interest charge of 5.8% - not cheap but considerably better than market terms.

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