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Good Friday Agreement

Published April 10, 1998



Good Friday Agreement

Also known as the Belfast Agreement, this agreement was part of the peace plan in Northern Ireland. It provided for Northern Ireland to be run by a elected assembly overseen by an executive committee of both Unionists and Nationalists. Among its many provisions, it also set up a human rights commission, a plan for decommission ofparamilitary weapons, and ended the Irish Republic's claim to Northern Ireland by modifying its constitution. Negotiations for another peace proposal were reopened July 2013 through December 2013.

1. We, the participants in the multi-party negotiations, believe that the agreement we have
negotiated offers a truly historic opportunity for a new beginning.
2. The tragedies of the past have left a deep and profoundly regrettable legacy of suffering.
We must never forget those who have died or been injured, and their families. But we can
best honour them through a fresh start, in which we firmly dedicate ourselves to the
achievement of reconciliation, tolerance, and mutual trust, and to the protection and
vindication of the human rights of all.
3. We are committed to partnership, equality and mutual respect as the basis of relationships
within Northern Ireland, between North and South, and between these islands.
4. We reaffirm our total and absolute commitment to exclusively democratic and peaceful
means of resolving differences on political issues, and our opposition to any use or threat of
force by others for any political purpose, whether in regard to this agreement or otherwise.
5. We acknowledge the substantial differences between our continuing, and equally
legitimate, political aspirations. However, we will endeavour to strive in every practical way
towards reconciliation and rapprochement within the framework of democratic and agreed
arrangements. We pledge that we will, in good faith, work to ensure the success of each and
every one of the arrangements to be established under this agreement. It is accepted that all
of the institutional and constitutional arrangements - an Assembly in Northern Ireland, a
North/South Ministerial Council, implementation bodies, a British-Irish Council and a British-
Irish Intergovernmental Conference and any amendments to British Acts of Parliament and
the Constitution of Ireland - are interlocking and interdependent and that in particular the
functioning of the Assembly and the North/South Council are so closely inter-related that the
success of each depends on that of the other.
6. Accordingly, in a spirit of concord, we strongly commend this agreement to the people, North and South, for their approval

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