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Washington Times: Inside Martyrdom

The Path to Paradise: The Inner World of Suicide Bombers and Their Dispatchers

Author: Thomas Barnett
June 26, 2007



What distinguishes this book is the author's unique access to Palestinian prisoners who "failed" to carry out their suicide bombings or were arrested for organizing terrorist operations. This has enabled her to "open a window" into the inner world of these men and women.

Mrs. Berko, an Israeli, holds a doctorate in criminology and served as a lieutenant colonel in the Israeli army. She's currently a research fellow at the International Institute for Counterterrorism (ICT) in Herzliya. She grew up in a family that moved to Israel from Iraq in 1949, which exposed her to Arabic and Arab culture. Her husband, Reuven (who's mentioned in the book), was a colonel in the Israeli National Police, serving as adviser on Arab affairs to Jerusalem's police commissioner. (For the sake of full disclosure, I know both of them.)

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