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Krepon: U.S.-India Nuclear Agreement Weakens Nonproliferation Efforts

Michael Krepon interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

Michael Krepon, a well-known expert on South Asia and nuclear nonproliferation, says that the U.S.-India nuclear agreement is likely to weaken efforts at strengthening nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. He says that Congress will likely approve the agreement on the grounds it will improve relations with India and increase American jobs.

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Leverett: Bush Administration ‘Not Serious’ About Dealing With Iran

Flynt Leverett interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

Flynt L. Leverett, a former top U.S. national security official, says the Bush administration doesn’t have a strategy for dealing with the Iranian nuclear issue. Leverett tells that a main problem is President Bush is resistant to making a deal with a “regime that he considers fundamentally illegitimate.”

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Talbott: 'Profound Concerns' About U.S. Nuclear Deal with India

Strobe Talbott interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

Strobe Talbott, as deputy Secretary of State in the Clinton administration, was the lead negotiator who failed to get India to give up its nuclear weapons program. He says he has "profound and persistent concerns" about the agreement announced last week in India by the United States and India by which India separates its military and civilian nuclear programs in return for U.S. help in its civilian program.

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Carnegie: What to Make of Saudi Hand-Wringing

Author: Frederic Wehrey

This absence of clear unanimity in the Gulf, combined with the momentum of U.S.-Iranian talks, leave Riyadh few options. Moving forward, it is likely to follow in the broad wake of U.S. policy, but with a greater preference for hedging. It may pursue multiple, overlapping policy initiatives as a form of insurance, some of which may clash with U.S. strategies and goals.

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