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NYT: Supplier Under Scrutiny on Arms for Afghans

Author: C. J. Chivers

The American military has relied since early last year on a fledgling company led by a 22-year-old man whose vice president was a licensed masseur to arm the Afghan forces that it hopes will lead the fight against the insurgency in Afghanistan. C. J. Chivers writes that much of this ammunition comes from the aging stockpiles of the old Communist bloc and has been deemed unreliable and obsolete.

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America's Friendship with Asia

Author: Donald Rumsfeld

“The American people's friendship with the people of Asia is stronger than at any time in our nation's relatively young history. Over the past few decades, the nations of the Asia-Pacific region have become some of the world's fastest-growing centers for opportunity, prosperity and knowledge. The challenges in the Pacific region are considerable, but behind the challenges is an abundance of opportunity.”

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U.S. State Department: U.S. Export Policy for Military Unmanned Aerial Systems

On February 17, 2015, the State Department released the U.S. policy designed to govern the international sale, transfer, and use of U.S.-origin military and commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), also called drones. Related regulation on U.S. military transfers include the U.S. Conventional Arms Transfer Policy, Arms Export Control Act, and the Foreign Assistance Act.

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UN Arms Trade Treaty

The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) on April 2, 2013. The press release says the treaty makes it "harder for human rights abusers, criminals and arms traffickers to obtain weapons" and gives a brief history of the treaty from the 1990s. ATT went into effect December 24, 2014. The United States signed the treaty, but Senate has not yet ratified it.

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Remarks by Secretary Hagel at the Observer Research Foundation

On August 9. 2014, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel spoke at the Observer Research Foundation in New Delhi about the U.S.-India cooperation and about U.S.-India military-to-military relations. Secretary Hagel discussed India's contributions to regional security and joint military exercises like MALABAR and economic partnerships such as the U.S.-India Defense Trade and Technology Initiative (DTTI).

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