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Henry Farrell: Airline Passenger Data Dispute is Merely "An Internal EU Dust-Up"

Henry Farrell interviewed by Eben Kaplan

Henry Farrell, a political science assistant professor at The George Washington University, says the European Court of Justice's recent ruling against an agreement with the United States to share airline passenger data is merely "an internal EU dust-up." He says the deal is likely to be renegotiated with the same terms but stronger legal footing.

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Analysis Brief

UAE Port Purchase Raises Outcry

The issue of "protecting" vital infrastructure from foreign control—an issue that arose in 2005 during an unsuccessful bid by a Chinese company to purchase an American oil firm—is again in the news. This time, the infrastructure in question is six major U.S. shipping terminals that have been acquired, with U.S. approvel, by a UAE firm. The political backlash at state and city levels is quickly building.

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