Budget, Debt, and Deficits


Hamas and the Shrinking PA Budget

Author: Esther Pan

The Palestinian Authority is in a budget crunch after Hamas, a group listed as a terrorist organization by both the European Union and the United States, won January's elections, yet refused to renounce violence or recognize Israel. This prompted a suspension of hundreds of millions of dollars in aid payments. Iran and Arab countries vow to make up the difference, but experts question the reliability of such pledges.

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Media Call: Greek Bailout Agreement

Speaker: Robert Kahn
Presider: Douglas A. Rediker

Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow Robert Kahn breaks down the deal and explains what it means for the future of Greece and the European Union. Greece reached an agreement with European creditors that would impose harsh austerity measures in return for a financial bailout.

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Event Speaker: Robert D. Atkinson
Speaker: Daniel J. Ikenson
Speaker: Robert A. Blecker
Speaker: Derek Scissors
Presider: Edward Alden

Is the U.S. trade deficit a problem for the United States? If so, does it reflect competitiveness problems that are in part due to trade policies, or is it caused by factors that have nothing to do with trade policies? What are the proper policy responses?

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