Budget, Debt, and Deficits


McKinsey Executive Roundtable Series in International Economics: Sovereign Debt Restructuring in Europe: Lessons from Latin America

Speakers: Adam Lerrick, William R. Rhodes, and Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León
Presider: Roger C. Altman

The McKinsey Executive Roundtable Series in International Economics is presented by the Corporate Program and the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies.

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Video Interviewer: John C. Bussey
Interviewee: Roger C. Altman

Roger Altman, Founder and Chairman of Evercore Partners and former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, discusses the prospects for solving the U.S. debt and deficit with John Bussey, Washington Bureau Chief of The Wall Street Journal. Altman and Bussey spoke on the sidelines of CFR's 2011 Corporate Conference.

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Obama Budget Ducks Spending Cuts

Authors: Benn Steil and Paul Swartz
Financial News

Benn Steil's April column in Dow Jones' Financial News, co-authored with Paul Swartz, argues that the White House OMB's growth forecasts are systematically biased upwards, and that using the lower private or CBO growth assumptions results in about $1.75 trillion more debt over the next ten years than is implied by the president's recent budget.

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Must Read Author: John Cranford

John Cranford of Congressional Quarterly writes that increases to the ceiling on federal debt have become highly partisan affairs. If Republicans are united in their intent to use the debt limit to demand tough spending constraints, then brinkmanship, not compromise, may be the driving force behind this year's Congressional vote.

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