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CEO Speaker Series: Regaining U.S. Economic Growth and Global Leadership: A Conversation with J.W. Marriott Jr. (Audio)

Speaker: J.W. Marriott Jr.
Presider: Gerald F. Seib

J.W. Marriott Jr. shares his views on how the U.S. economy and global leadership can rebound; the prospects for growth in China, India, and Brazil; the need for immigration reform to maintain U.S. global competitiveness; and his own experiences and lessons learned from building a global hotel and property management company.

This session was part of the Corporate Program's CEO Speaker Series.

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Bigger Is Better

Author: Richard Rosecrance

After World War II, "trading states" seemed to be charting a new path forward. But small was not beautiful. Even great powers found themselves negotiating larger markets through economic associations with others. It's time the United States became such a power.

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