Climate Change

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Yale Environment 360: An Army of Lobbyists Readies For Battle on The Climate Bill

Author: Marianne Lavelle

With carbon cap-and-trade legislation now on Washington's agenda, companies and interest groups have been hiring lobbyists at a feverish pace. For every member of Congress, there are now four climate lobbyists, many of them hoping to derail or water down the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Teaching Module

Teaching Module: Confronting Climate Change

Author: Michael A. Levi

This module features teaching notes by Michael A. Levi, director of the CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force report, Confronting Climate Change: A Strategy for U.S. Policy, along with other resources to supplement the text. This report lays out a U.S. negotiating proposal for a global climate accord, including what the United States should be willing to offer and what it should expect others to do in order to confront climate change.

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Analysis Brief

How Green is Thy Stimulus?

Author: Toni Johnson

The idea of creating green jobs drew great attention as the stimulus package made its way through Congress. Defining those jobs is difficult, however, and economists say many may simply displace existing jobs in the old carbon-based economy.

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