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Cleaning Up Coal

Author: Richard K. Morse

Coal combustion is the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions on the planet. But the fuel isn't going away anytime soon, since demand for it is ballooning in the developing world. So instead of indulging in quixotic visions of a coal-free world, policymakers should focus on supporting new technologies that can reduce how much carbon coal emits.

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Dirty Coal is Winning

Authors: David G. Victor and Varun Rai

David Victor and Varun Rai warn that the global environment may be one of the biggest losers in the current financial crisis as clean coal projects are abandoned around the world.

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Can Coal be Clean? The Promise of Climate Change Technology

Speaker: Ernest J. Moniz
Speaker: Rick Boucher
Presider: Michael A. Levi

As the largest generator of electricity in the United States, China, and India and a leading source of carbon emissions, coal will play an important role in energy and climate change policy from local to global levels. New technologies such as carbon capture and sequestration have been touted as cure-alls for the environmental ills of carbon-emitting coal plants. But these technologies like many others may face significant technical and economic hurdles. Join Dr. Moniz, cochair of the recent MIT report “The Future of Coal,” and Representative Boucher to discuss the pivotal role of coal in the global energy and climate change debate.

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