Must Read Authors: Uri Dadush and William Shaw

American policy discourse is notoriously preoccupied with the country's loss of competitiveness. This Vox column by Uri Dadush and William Shaw argues that these fears are misplaced, and that faulty fiscal policies are to blame for the perception that the United States has lost its edge.

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News Release

U.S. Must Invest in Scientific Research to Keep Innovation Edge, According to New CFR Report

Authors: Edward Alden and Rebecca Strauss

Although the United States leads the world in technology innovation, it may fall behind if the government does not address emerging gaps in innovation policy and invest more in scientific research, argues a new progress report and scorecard from the Council on Foreign Relations’ (CFR) Renewing America initiative. The report is authored by Renewing America Associate Director Rebecca Strauss and CFR Bernard L. Schwartz Senior Fellow and Renewing America Director Edward Alden.

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