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Fragility, Instability, and the Failure of States: Assessing Sources of Systemic Risk

Author: Monty G. Marshall

This Center for Preventive Action Working Paper surveys existing approaches to assessing state fragility and failure within the context of development, conflict, and governance. It examines the risk factors that have been identified through systematic inquiry and research with the goal of improving the prospects for successful conflict prevention and management, and argues that the goal of "early warning" relating to state fragility and failure should be more to inform and temper our expectations for policy response than to trigger costly and risky interventions.

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Must Read

Newsweek: The Realist Resurgence

Authors: Christopher Dickey, John Barry, and Owen Matthews

Middle East Regional Editor Christopher Dickey, Contributing Editor John Barry, and Moscow Bureau Chief Owen Matthews report that Russia is weaker than it looks. Most NATO leaders insist the world is too interdependent to allow another cold war. Russia is not the Soviet Union. And Western powers don't want to be drawn into a game of bluff that will only inflate Vladimir Putin's prestige.

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Teaching Module

Teaching Module: Toward an Angola Strategy: Prioritizing U.S.-Angola Relations

This module features teaching notes and supplemental resources for Toward an Angola Strategy: Prioritizing U.S.-Angola Relations, a report of an Independent Commission sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations Center for Preventive Action. This report argues that it is in the interest of the United States to help develop a sustainable and lasting peace in Angola.

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Teaching Module

Teaching Module: Bolivia on the Brink

Author: Eduardo A. Gamarra

This module features teaching notes by Florida International University professor Eduardo A. Gamarra, author of Bolivia on the Brink, along with other resources to supplement the text. In the report, Gamarra encourages the U.S. government to redirect its policy toward Bolivia to emphasize preservation of the democratic process and conflict prevention.  

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