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Offensive Maneuver

Author: Micah Zenko
Foreign Policy

Micah Zenko says, "Like Dick Cheney 21 years ago, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has engaged in an exhaustive effort to avoid both sequestration and any further reductions in the Pentagon's budget. The distinction between Panetta and his predecessors, however, is in the tactics he has employed to protect his bureaucratic turf."

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Must Read

"North Korea's impending nuclear test is just the latest illustration of Barack Obama's weakness and naiveté abroad," writes special advisor to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, Richard Williamson, who served in the Reagan White House as an assistant to the president in the 1980s and as the president's special envoy to Sudan in the 2000s.

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Must Read Authors: Peter Wallsten, Lori Montgomery, and Scott Wilson

President Obama used an economic "grand bargain" to wash his hands of Washington's dysfunction, presenting himself as a well-intentioned man unable to secure a fair deal with the Capitol's enduring partisanship--but the reality of the deal was a lot more complicated than press statements from either party reveal, write Peter Wallsten, Lori Montgomery, and Scott Wilson for the Washington Post.

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