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Cuba's Reform-Minded Party Congress

Julia E. Sweig interviewed by Aimee Rawlins

As Cuba's Communist Party convenes this weekend for the first time in fourteen years, President Raul Castro will look to clarify and gain support for economic reforms. CFR's Julia Sweig says the country has made significant strides toward modernization and suggests the United States should amend its restrictive Cuba policies.

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Corporate Member Executives Roundtable, "Beyond Whole of Government: Public Private Collaboration to Achieve U.S. Foreign Policy Goals"

Speakers: Timothy L. Fort, Lonnie S. Keene, and Stanley S. Litow

The December 2010 Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review emphasized, among other things, the importance of smart and coordinated foreign assistance efforts, and a whole of government approach to achieving U.S. foreign policy goals. NGOs, private sector companies, and others have traditionally worked alongside government to support U.S. foreign policy efforts that align to their own interests; from immediate responses to humanitarian disasters, to translating large scale economic development initiatives into local level implementation, to solving regional and global issues from malaria and HIV prevention, to environmental sustainability. Where public sector and private sector interests and objectives intersect, leveraging resources and improving collaboration among stakeholders can lead to positive outcomes-as well as challenges. How have government, civil society organizations, and the private sector coordinated in areas of mutual interest? What can government do to encourage a "beyond whole of government" approach to U.S. foreign policy?

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