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Economic Crisis and Corporate Reform in East Asia (A CFR Paper)

Author: Meredith Woo-Cummings

This report suggests that, within Asia, there stretches a universal recognition that regulatory infrastructure and institutions do matter and that they must play a major role in the way we think about economic development. After the miracle years in East Asia, "good governance" has become the Spirit of the Age.

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Conservation and Sustainability: The Role of the Private Sector

Speakers: Donna A. Harman, Beth Keck, and David T. Perry
Presider: Theodore Roosevelt IV

Donna A. Harman, Beth Keck, and David T. Perry discuss efforts taken by their respective organizations to achieve environmental and sustainability goals along their global supply chains, citing social and ethical imperatives as primary drivers. This meeting is part of the Global Resources, the U.S. Economy, and National Security symposium, sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations and Conservation International.

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