Corporate Regulation

Foreign Affairs Article

How to Succeed in Business

Author: Alexander Benard

Unlike other economic powerhouses, the United States does little to help its own companies win business abroad, and that timidity has allowed China to devour market share in emerging economies. It is time for Washington to shed its hang-ups about lobbying on behalf of American firms and start taking commercial diplomacy seriously.

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Analysis Brief

Wall Street's Coming Reforms

Author: Lee Hudson Teslik

With Wall Street careening from one crisis to the next, financial institutions focus on drawing a line to stanch the bleeding. A broader debate over systemic medicine has also kicked into gear, with talk of major reforms in store for the financial sector.

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U.S. Antitrust Policy

Author: Steven J. Markovich

Antitrust law, which has evolved primarily through landmark Supreme Court cases, plays an essential role in the maintenance of efficient markets and promotion of long-term U.S. economic prosperity.

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Must Read

CRS: International Corporate Tax Rate Comparisons and Policy Implications

This report focuses on the global issues relating to tax rate differentials between the United States and other countries. It provides tax rate comparisons; discusses policy implications, including the effect of a corporate rate cut on revenue, output, and national welfare; and discusses the outlook for and consequences of a revenue neutral corporate tax reform.

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