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FP: My Drone War

Author: Pir Zubair Shah

American drones have changed everything for al-Qaeda and its local allies in Pakistan, becoming a fact of life in a secret war that is far from over, writes Foreign Policy's Pir Zubair Shah.

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CNN: CIA Drone War in Pakistan in Sharp Decline

Authors: Peter Bergen and Jennifer Rowland

The CIA's drone program, while successful, has been largely unpopular in Pakistan. But drone strikes are decreasing since they peaked in 2010. Peter Bergen and Jennifer Rowland of CNN ask: Is it because of politics or because we're running out of real targets?

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FP: Fire When Ready

Author: Jack Goldsmith

Obama's targeted drone strikes--even on Americans--aren't illegal, writes Jack Goldsmith for Foreign Policy. In fact, he writes, there's a solid legal foundation and a number of checks and balances upholding his right to take out terrorists.

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Pakistani Media and Anti-Americanism

Interviewer: Jayshree Bajoria
Interviewee: Najam Sethi

Pakistani journalist Najam Sethi discusses the factors behind anti-Americanism in Pakistan. He says the two countries have failed to develop a strategic relationship because of their differences in Afghanistan.

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