Foreign Affairs Article

Can the War on Terror Be Won?

Author: Philip Gordon

It can, but only if U.S. officials start to think clearly about what success in the war on terror would actually look like. Victory will come only when Washington succeeds in discrediting the terrorists' ideology and undermining their support. These achievements, in turn, will require accepting that the terrorist threat can never be eradicated completely and that acting as though it can will only make it worse.

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Analysis Brief

Pakistan's Muddled War

Author: Jayshree Bajoria

Militancy has been spreading inside Pakistan. Experts say Pakistani authorities lack an effective strategy to battle the militants, raising deep concerns on the Afghan war front and beyond.

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Analysis Brief

Hometown Security

Author: Eben Kaplan

Responsibility for safeguarding the homeland often falls to state and local governments in spite of the increased federal role after 9/11. Of these thousands of agencies, New York City has moved the most aggressively, creating a counterterrorism bureau complete with overseas agents and intelligence analysts.

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Analysis Brief

Understanding Andijan

Throughout the 1990s, Central Asia's Fergana Valley emerged as a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism. A clash in the Fergana city of Andijan last year, variously described as a "massacre" or a "counterterrorist operation," caused a serious break in Uzbek-U.S. ties. Now, a new video has some questioning the facts of that event.

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