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Foreign Policy Research Institute: Ten Counterinsurgency Commandments from Afghanistan

Author: Greg Mills

The Foreign Policy Research Institute presents this analysis by Greg Mills, head of the Johannesburg-based Brenthurst Foundation (he was from May-September 2006, seconded to ISAF HQ in Kabul as a special adviser to the Commander). He argues that  scrutinizing the past has limited benefit in dealing with a modern, complex insurgency, where the insurgent faces a national government but with a complex range of multinational governmental and nongovernmental actors involved in the security and development effort. He says domestic insurgencies have to be confronted internationally and in many dimensions with unprecedented demands for intelligence gathering and analysis, interoperability and flexibility, and cultural sensitivity and understanding.

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Defense News: Misdirected Tactics: Counterinsurgency Focus Misses Big Picture in Iraq

Author: Richard May

This commentary originally published in Defense News in late March and now hosted by the Center For Defense Information says that the US military is employing a strategy of counterinsurgency in Iraq, led by the general who developed the doctrine, but that a counterinsurgency strategy only addresses one part of the complex environment that is Iraq.

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AI: United Kingdom: Deportations to Algeria at All Costs

Amnesty International reports that the United Kingdom authorities are attempting to deport more than 15 Algerian men considered to be a ‘threat to national security’ to their country of origin, contrary to the prohibition of sending persons to countries where they face a real risk of serious human rights violations, including torture or other ill-treatment. Amnesty says it is concerned that the UK authorities’ claims against these men are based on secret information, including intelligence material, never disclosed to the individuals concerned or their lawyers of choice.

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Analysis Brief

Hometown Security

Author: Eben Kaplan

Responsibility for safeguarding the homeland often falls to state and local governments in spite of the increased federal role after 9/11. Of these thousands of agencies, New York City has moved the most aggressively, creating a counterterrorism bureau complete with overseas agents and intelligence analysts.

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SWP: EU Strategy on Counter Terrorism

Author: Annegret Bendiek

The EU Counter-Terrorism Strategy, which was adopted by the European Council in December 2005, reflects the EU's aim of forming a network of the member states' foreign and domestic policies in the fight against terrorism. The accompanying action plan contains 160 separate measures in the four strands of work of the EU strategy (prevent, protect, pursue and respond). The main objective of this EU policy is to confront "the networks of terror with networks against terror".

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Examining Counterterrorism Culture

Author: Eben Kaplan

Counterterrorism agencies in the United States proudly point to the lack of a “second 9/11 attack” in response to critics of their methods. Here’s a look at the continuing debate over the proper organization of U.S. counterterrorism agencies.

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