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Feldman: Guantanamo Detainees May be Difficult to Try, Depending on Hamdan Ruling

Noah Feldman interviewed by Carin Zissis

CFR Adjunct Fellow Noah Feldman, discussing the legal issues at stake in the upcoming Hamdan decision, says the case will decide whether military tribunals are constitutionally sufficient and warns that if the Supreme Court rules current trial procedures inadequate, it may be difficult to try many of the nearly 500 Guantanamo detainees.

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Analysis Brief

Taylor Faces War Crimes Hearing

Former Liberian president and strongman Charles Taylor has been taken to Sierra Leone under UN custody to face war crimes proceedings. His case will be watched closely on a continent where predatory leaders are rarely held accountable for their crimes.

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Primary Sources

Iraqi Special Tribunal: Rules of Procedure and Evidence

Approved by Iraqi Special Tribunal (IST) judges and published October 18, 2005 in the Iraqi official gazette (Alwaqai Aliraqiya), these Rules, in addition to the Rules of Procedure of the Iraqi Criminal Code from 1971, guided the IST's proceedings in the trial of Saddam Hussein. Note: "The English translation of the Index summarizes the content of the Rules of Procedure and Collection of Evidence annexed to Iraqi Law Number 10 of 2005."

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