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Staying Power

Author: Michael O'Hanlon

Americans have growing doubts about the U.S. mission in Afghanistan that U.S. President Barack Obama seems to share. But the United States should and will maintain a major presence in Afghanistan for years to come.

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The Brussels Wall

Author: William Drozdiak

As the United States and Europe face common threats around the globe, the time has come to break down the bureaucratic barrier between the European Union and NATO. Today's challenges require the hard power of NATO and the soft power of the EU.

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Nuclear Disorder

Author: Graham Allison

The current global nuclear order is extremely fragile, threatened by North Korea's expanding nuclear weapons program, Iran's nuclear ambitions, and Pakistan's increasing instability.

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The Long Road to Zero

Author: Charles D. Ferguson

If the Obama administration has any hope of reducing the world's nuclear arsenals, the U.S. government will have to assuage the fears of nonnuclear states, diminish the prestige of nuclear weapons, and address the risk of proliferation posed by civilian nuclear energy programs.

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Foreign Affairs Article

The Future of U.S. Military Power

Authors: Thomas Donnelly, Philip Dur, and Andrew F. Krepinevich Jr.

Andrew Krepinevich's vision for the U.S. military underestimates Washington's existing commitments and capabilities, Thomas Donnelly and Philip Dur argue. Not so, replies Krepinevich, and now is no time to stay the course.

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