Defense Budget

Analysis Brief

Japan Also Rises

Japan's military spending is not rising nearly as quickly as that of its neighbor, China, or of its closest ally, the United States. Yet political and military moves by the Japanese are raising neighbors' wariness about a remilitarized Japan.

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Expert Roundup

Reviewing the 2006 Quadrennial Defense Review

Authors: Steven Kosiak, Robert L. McClure, Col. Ken Allard, and Lt. Gen. Bernard Trainor

The new Pentagon strategic plan calls for a more mobile, modern U.S. military capable of meeting threats posed by non-state actors like al-Qaeda. inteviews four military experts for their views on whether the Quadrennial Defense Review creates a force that is sustainable and adequate for the task at hand.

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Analysis Brief

Reviewing the Defenses

The Pentagon's new Quadrennial Defense Review calls for modernizing air, land, and sea forces and emphasizes a more agile approach to confronting threats posed by non-state actors. But in contrast to the previous review, the defense department is dropping the language of military transformation to concentrate on fighting its war on terrorism.

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