Defense Strategy

First Take

How Cuts Affect U.S.-Pakistan Ties

Author: Daniel S. Markey

Cuts in U.S. military aid to Pakistan only have a chance to translate into greater cooperation if they're part of a larger strategy, including a U.S. crackdown on Pakistan-linked militants in Afghanistan, says CFR's Daniel Markey.

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Secretary Gates's Strategic Thinking

Colonel Gian Gentile, USA interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates's recent West Point speech promoted the need for better strategic thinking by the U.S. military to supplant a current emphasis on counterinsurgency tactics and nation building, says CFR's Gian Gentile.

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Long Road Ahead for Afghan Security Forces

Jack Kem interviewed by Greg Bruno

The transition of security responsibilities to Afghan forces within four years will require a significant increase in international training efforts, but NATO's Jack Kem says coalition forces are making progress in overhauling security institutions.

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Afghanistan's Troop Deficit Problem

Kimberly Kagan interviewed by Greg Bruno

As debate over the size and scope of the U.S. mission in Afghanistan intensifies, military strategist Kimberly Kagan says the only way to ensure victory is a better-resourced counterinsurgency campaign focused on securing population centers.

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Reassuring an Edgy Afghanistan

John Dempsey interviewed by Greg Bruno

Amid Afghanistan's uncertain security and political situation, Kabul-based analyst John Dempsey says U.S. officials should be prepared to commit more military and civilian resources to stave off resurgent Taliban forces.


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