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YaleGlobal: A Dangerous Void in Pakistan

Author: Ahmed Rashid

Three rival Pakistani Taliban leaders have formed a new alliance called the Shura-e-Ittehad ul Mujaheddin or Council of United Holy Warriors. The new council aims to broker ceasefires with the Pakistan army so that both the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban can concentrate their firepower on the 17,000 new U.S. troops being sent to Afghanistan in spring 2009 by the Obama administration.

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Time: America's Broken Down Army

Author: Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson writes on the increasingly abysmal state of US Armed Forces in Iraq. Engaged in the “wrong kind of war,” Thomas reveals that seemingly positive recruitment statistics in reality reflect lower standards in recruitment as the Army continues to accept less qualified candidates. With inadequate arms and supplies for troops, Thomas argues that the road to recovery appears bleak.  

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CRS: U.S. Force Levels in Afghanistan

Authors: JoAnne O’Bryant and Michael Waterhouse

CRS Report for Congress following President Bush’s February announcement of increased troop levels in Afghanistan . This report provides official Department of Defense (DOD) statistical information on U.S. forces now serving in Afghanistan with comparisons to earlier force levels. It also provides brief official information on the military units extended or scheduled for the next rotation of duty into Afghanistan . As of March 1, 2007 , according to DOD, the United States had 24,845 troops stationed in Afghanistan — 21,581 active component and 3,264 National Guard or Reserves.

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Asia Times: A Catalogue of Errors in Afghanistan

Author: Michael Scheuer

A commentary by Michael Scheuer published in Asia Times that says Afghanistan is again being lost to the West, as Afghan insurgents have forced far superior Western military forces on to a path that leads toward evacuation. The commentary debates what it is that has caused this scenario to occur repeatedly throughout history.

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