Defense Technology

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Newsweek: Missile Creep

Author: Fred Guterl

Newsweek International Assistant Managing Editor Fred Guterl reports on four battle cruisers in the Sea of Japan--two American, two Japanese--that carry missiles capable of reaching North Korean nuclear-tipped rockets on their way to Japan. The U.S. Navy has seventy-three Aegis ships. As the Obama administration shows signs of backing away from plans to put missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic, this fleet of "Aegis" cruisers, as they're called, may be called upon to take up the slack.

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Newsweek: How to Keep the Bomb from Terrorists

Author: Graham Allison

Graham Allison, author and director of the Belfer Center at Harvard University, writes that the only thing that can keep nuclear bombs out of the hands of terrorists is a brand-new science of nuclear forensics. Developing this science, he says, entails working backward from a terrorist event to trace the path of the material to its source.

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Analysis Brief

Debating Defense

With wars in Afghanistan and Iraq consuming lives, equipment, and political capital, talk of financial costs may seem petty. But this is budget season, and the way the Bush administration has been paying for the war is about to become a political issue.

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