Foreign Affairs Article

Latin America's Underperformance

Author: Sebastian Edwards

The peso crisis was a wake-up call for Latin America. Reformist political leaders realize their support will erode if the economies of the region do not turn around. But building robust economies requires deeper reforms, at a time when the people suffer from acute reform fatigue. For rapid growth with rising real wages, export growth must be higher and value added to exports increase. To foster these, Latin America must address long-neglected weaknesses with a next generation of reforms in education, infrastructure, banking, and the civil service.

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Analysis Brief

New Food Crisis Looms

Author: Toni Johnson

With global food prices again soaring to record levels, experts say policies are needed to bolster agriculture production and reduce trade barriers, particularly by the United States.

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Analysis Brief

A New Kind of Aid for Pakistan

Author: Jayshree Bajoria

President Obama's strategy calls for increased development assistance to Pakistan. But implementation may face serious challenges amid deteriorating security conditions in Pakistan and lack of institutional capacity in Washington.

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