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New Yorker: Flood Tides

Author: Steve Coll

Steve Coll argues that Pakistan's political leaders have undermined the country's potential for success, and says coming to Pakistan's aid is a strategic and humanitarian necessity for the United States.

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Holbrooke: Pakistan Aid Inadequate

Richard C. Holbrooke interviewed by Jayshree Bajoria

The international response to Pakistan's flood disaster has been inadequate so far, says Richard Holbrooke, U.S. special representative to the country. He says Washington is contacting international governments and is sending more aid, including helicopters to assist in relief efforts.

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Analysis Brief

The Costs of Pakistan's Floods

Author: Jayshree Bajoria

Pakistan's floods are likely to cause setbacks for the country's development and its fight against militancy. Experts say the international community must intensify aid efforts and continue to support the country's democratic institutions.

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Slideshow: Ecological Disasters

Author: Toni Johnson
Producer: Hagit Ariav

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill involving Britain's BP marks the latest instance of an industrial disaster pitting companies from one country against citizens and governments of another. This slideshow provides a chronology of ten major instances in which multinational corporations were involved in industrial incidents, and their legal and regulatory aftermath.

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Analysis Brief

A Deluge of Woe in Pakistan

Author: Jayshree Bajoria

Pakistan's latest bout of struggles with rampant floods, violence, and terrorism raise new questions about its governing capacity and stability. Experts say international support for the country is crucial.

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