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Center for Strategic and International Studies: Public Health and International Security: The Case of India

Authors: Pramit Mitra and Teresita C. Schaffer

This report of the HIV/AIDS Task Force of the Center for Strategic and International Studies concludes that HIV/AIDS is one of the major question marks hanging over India's promising future. It says the problem will require substantially more resources than are currently available, and that as in other countries, the response to HIV/AIDS cannot rely only on medical means and instruments but must include the social dimension as well.

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AIDS in Africa: Three Scenarios to 2025

AIDS in Africa: Three scenarios to 2025 presents three possible case studies for how the AIDS epidemic in Africa could evolve over the next 20 years based on policy decisions taken today by African leaders and the rest of the world. The scenarios set out to answer one central question: 'Over the next 20 years, what factors will drive Africa's and the world's responses to the AIDS epidemic, and what kind of future will there be for the next generation?'...

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