Analysis Brief Author: CFR.org Staff

This Issue Guide provides resources highlighting the foreign policy and national security implications of the U.S. presidential campaign and the challenges facing the next administration.

Editor's Note: Click here for CFR Issue Trackers on candidate positions and other 2012 campaign resources, which examine the foreign policy and national security dimensions of the presidential race.

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Analysis Brief

Egypt's Uncertain Vote

Author: Toni Johnson

Egyptians began voting in parliamentary elections despite ongoing protests. But experts say the continuing strife over military rule and fears over Islamist parties threaten stability.

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Analysis Brief

Afghanistan's Unpromising Elections

Author: Greg Bruno

Although violence in Afghanistan's parliamentary elections this weekend could be a setback for U.S. efforts, some experts see an opportunity for change if the elections lead to serious conversations about corruption and accountability.

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Analysis Brief

The Tehran Test

Author: CFR.org Staff

The Iranian government's response to public uproar over the presidential polls is raising questions about its power base and stability. Experts say the turmoil poses tricky questions for U.S. policymakers hoping to engage Iran's government.

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Analysis Brief

A Tale of Two Africas

Author: Stephanie Hanson

After a year of electoral turmoil in Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Guinea, tiny Ghana managed to run a free and fair presidential election. Is it an anomaly, or a trend the outside world can encourage?

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Analysis Brief

Angola Rising

Author: Stephanie Hanson

Angolans headed to the polls on September 5 for their first election in sixteen years. The country is in the midst of a remarkable oil boom, but average Angolans remain among the world's poorest.

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