Analysis Brief

Getting Past It in Belfast

Northern Ireland’s effort to cement the gains of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement can only succeed if pro-British unionists and separatist Sinn Fein republicans can share power after Wednesday’s vote.

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Analysis Brief

Serbia’s Fateful Choice

Nationalists won Serbia’s general elections but may not have pulled in enough votes to form a government. Kosovo's final status and the stability of a beleaguered corner of southeastern Europe remain at stake.

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Analysis Brief

Wary Peace in Indonesia’s Aceh

After three decades of conflict, a peace deal continues to hold in the Indonesian province of Aceh, which held its first direct elections last week. The likely new governor, a former rebel leader, counts poverty and militant Islam among his challenges.

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Analysis Brief

Calderon’s Balancing Act

Mexican President-elect Felipe Calderon remains dogged by losing candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s assertions he is the “legitimate president.” But Calderon will face much greater challenges once he takes office.

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Analysis Brief

Power Shift in Washington

Democrats regained a majority in the House and are in a tight race for control of the Senate after a historic midterm election which turned, as much as anything, on the Bush administration's policies in Iraq.

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