Analysis Brief

Calderon’s Balancing Act

Mexican President-elect Felipe Calderon remains dogged by losing candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s assertions he is the “legitimate president.” But Calderon will face much greater challenges once he takes office.

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Analysis Brief

Power Shift in Washington

Democrats regained a majority in the House and are in a tight race for control of the Senate after a historic midterm election which turned, as much as anything, on the Bush administration's policies in Iraq.

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Analysis Brief

Iraq Looms over U.S. Elections

U.S. fatalities in Iraq have spiked just ahead of midterm elections in which Republicans are scrambling to maintain a majority in Congress. Voters are concerned about Iraq but it remains unclear whether their unease will bring about a power shift.

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Analysis Brief

Ecuador Eyes Presidential Runoff

Ecuador's presidential election featured another populist frontrunner pledging to shake up the establishment in an oil-rich state. But analysts are divided over the regional implications if Rafael Correa succeeds in Ecuador.

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Analysis Brief

Ahead of Vote, Tremors from Brazil

Brazil is one of the world's top emerging markets. But recent outbreaks of gang violence in its largest city have drawn attention to the country's social inequality and rising urban crime rates, raising questions about the sustainability of Brazil's growth just before October's elections.

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Analysis Brief

For Now, Relief in Congo

Amid fears about security, the Democratic Republic of the Congo's first election in four decades proceeded smoothly with strong voter turnout. While it seems to have been a success, votes won't be tallied for a few weeks, and some are concerned that the Congolese people may not accept the election's results.

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Analysis Brief

Calderon by a Whisker in Mexico

In Mexico's closest election yet, conservative Felipe Calderon edges out leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador by less than one percent of the vote to claim the presidency. Lopez Obrador announces he will contest the results, raising the specter of extended social instability.

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Analysis Brief

Mexico’s Presidential Wrangle

Mexico's presidential race ends in a standoff as Felipe Calderon and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador both claim victory. A massive recount begins amid fears that the contested results could threaten Mexico's young democracy.

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Analysis Brief

Mexico Chooses A President

The race between a populist and a pro-business candidate is neck and neck in Mexico's presidential election. The winner will have a strong impact on economic and political relations with the United States.

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Analysis Brief

Mexico's Race Down to the Wire

With Mexico's presidential and legislative elections less than two weeks away, CFR releases a new report that argues the United States should restore the U.S.-Mexico relationship and encourage collaboration on immigration, trade, and drug trafficking.

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Analysis Brief

Colombia's Counterintuitive Vote

Sunday's easy victory by President Álvaro Uribe in Colombia provides an exception to the recent leftward trend in Latin America. Yet experts say it is too simplistic to cast a center-right victory in strife-torn Colombia as an ebbing of the prevailing tide.

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Analysis Brief

Nigeria’s Democratic Victory

In a continent where despotism often wins the day, the Nigerian Senate's vote to reject a constitutional amendment that would have allowed President Olusegun Obasanjo to run for a third term of office is notable - even more so since Obasanjo has decided to abide by it.

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Analysis Brief

Chad: A Turn Toward the Bad

In a constant state of near-drought and desperately poor in good times, the desert republic of Chad is heading toward a fateful election early next month as Darfur's hungry refugees, a bloody rebel army, and the World Bank all demand their due.

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Analysis Brief

Peru Leans Leftward

Author: Lee Hudson Teslik

A nationalist candidate has risen from obscurity to emerge as the favorite after Peru's April 9 presidential election. Will Ollanta Humala's supporters lead Peru into Latin America's leftward tide?

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Analysis Brief

Kadima Wins, Moderately

Author: cfr.org editorial staff

Israel's election took place against the backdrop of a vastly transformed political climate. Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Kadima party took the most Knesset seats and seems poised to follow the path set by its founder, Ariel Sharon.

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Analysis Brief

In Ukraine, 'Orange' Setback

Author: Michael Moran

The color may be draining out of Ukraine's "Orange" revolution, with early returns from Sunday's parliamentary elections showing the pro-Russian political bloc ahead of two former pro-democracy allies.

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