Analysis Brief

In Ukraine, 'Orange' Setback

Author: Michael Moran

The color may be draining out of Ukraine's "Orange" revolution, with early returns from Sunday's parliamentary elections showing the pro-Russian political bloc ahead of two former pro-democracy allies.

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Analysis Brief

Hamas’ Account Overdrawn

Since winning elections in January, Hamas can no longer rely on the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) long-time European and American donors. The PA now runs a monthly deficit of $120 million, adding to the pressures it faces to renounce violence and recognize Israel.

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Analysis Brief

Elections Add Fuel to Nigeria’s Fire

Nigeria’s political temperature continues to rise as moves to alter the constitution to extend presidential term limits stir protests across the country. The country is already beset by sectarian violence and ongoing clashes with militants in the oil-rich Niger Delta region.

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Analysis Brief

Ugandan Vote Tests Democracy

As Uganda votes in its first multi-party elections in twenty-five years, President Yoweri Museveni rejects allegations he is abusing power and intimidating his opposition. His critics warn such power politics may undo much of the progress Museveni made since coming to power twenty years ago.

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Analysis Brief

Jaafari Wins Nod to Lead Iraq

Iraq’s ruling Shiite bloc picked Ibrahim al-Jaafari to stay on as prime minister, casting doubts on the ability of Iraqi leaders to form a national-unity government. A moderate Islamist, Jaafari has been criticized for his lack of charisma and leadership skills.

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Analysis Brief

For Hamas, Victory Brings Dilemmas

Two weeks after a stunning electoral upset, the thrill of victory is wearing off for Hamas. Faced with the options of abandoning its hard-line rhetoric or risking the loss of desperately needed foreign aid, Hamas' leaders must make some difficult decisions.

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Analysis Brief

Haiti's Troubled Elections

Haitians choose a president and legislature on February 7 in long-delayed elections seen as crucial in lifting the country out of poverty. The vote takes place during a time of high unemployment and rampant violence but credible polls could lead to much-needed foreign investment.

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Analysis Brief

Iraqis Divided on New Government

Will Iraq's various factions be able to overcome their sectarian differences to build a new government? Looking ahead, as Iraq's political parties vie for cabinet positions, there is some concern that Shiites—who won most of the votes in December's parliamentary elections—may exclude Sunnis from the more powerful government posts.

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Analysis Brief

Hamas Puts Mideast, and Self, at Crossroads

The Palestinian Islamic group Hamas won a large majority of seats in the Palestinian legislature, putting a faction which embraces suicide bombings in a position to lead the Palestinian Authority. Yet for all the fear expressed over the consequences, some analysts believe the party most at risk is Hamas itself.

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Analysis Brief

A Conservative Win in Ottawa

Stephen Harper's Conservative Party has dethroned Canada's Liberal Party after thirteen years at the helm in Ottawa. But it won't be an easy ride for Prime Minister Harper, who didn't win enough votes for a majority in parliament. Harper will face a divided House of Commons as he pushes through his promised reforms—including improved Canadian-U.S. relations.

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Analysis Brief


Official results indicate Shiite parties dominated the December 15 parliamentary election, though they fell short of an absolute majority. Experts say the stage is now set for a coalition government in which Kurdish politicians will hold the balance of power.

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