Environmental Policy


A Conversation with Kerri-Ann Jones

Speaker: Kerri-Ann Jones
Introductory Speakers: Richard N. Haass and Peter Seligmann
Presider: James M. Lindsay

Kerri-Ann Jones discusses the work that the State Department is doing internationally to aid conservation efforts. This meeting is part of the Global Resources, the U.S. Economy, and National Security symposium, sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations and Conservation International.

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Must Read

NYT: Avoiding the Curse of the Oil-Rich Nations

Author: Tina Rosenberg

"If a government can finance itself through the profits on oil, it needn't collect taxes. Let me suggest that this is not a good thing. Taxes create accountability — citizens want to know how the government is spending their money. Substituting oil revenues decouples government from the people. The list of the world's worst-governed countries today features many that are dependent on the production of oil: Nigeria, Angola, Chad, Venezuela, Libya, Equatorial Guinea."

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Expert Roundup

Examining Rio+20's Outcome

Authors: Suan Ee Ong, Rômulo S. R. Sampaio, Andrei Marcu, and Agathe Maupin and Elizabeth Sidiropoulos

Although this year's Rio+20 conference produced only vague goals and few concrete commitments, it provided a major opportunity to shift the global environmental focus to the national and local levels, says this Expert Roundup.

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Foreign Affairs Article

Environmental Alarmism, Then and Now

Author: Bjorn Lomborg

Forty years ago, the Club of Rome produced a best-selling report warning humanity that its escalating wants were on a collision course with the world's finite resources and that the only way to avoid a crash was to stop chasing economic growth. The predictions proved spectacularly wrong. But the environmental alarmism they engendered persists, making it harder for policymakers to respond rationally to real problems today.

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Policy Innovation Memorandum

Beating the Resource Curse: Global Governance Strategies for Democracy and Economic Development

Author: Terra Lawson-Remer

Emerging economies taking advantage of mineral and petroleum wealth often face corruption and conflict rather than benefit from sustainable development. This resource curse can be obviated, CFR Fellow Terra Lawson-Remer argues, if capital-exporting countries, banks, and corporations insist on transparency.

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Must Read

FP: Greening It Alone

Author: Charles Kenny

In his piece for Foreign Policy, Charles Kenny explains how the world is building a low-carbon global economy -- with or without the United States.

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