Ethnicity, Minorities, and National Identity


Erasing The Race Factor

Author: Peter Beinart
Washington Post

Barack Obama wants race to stay out of the campaign, instead choosing to focus on issues like the environment, gas prices, the Iraq war and almost anything else. Unfortunately for him, he is not going to get his wish, writes Peter Beinart, pointing to the McCain campaign's insistence on making race an issue any chance they get.

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As head of Congress and the major political operator for President Evo Morales, Bolivia's Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera stands in the eye of a political hurricane. The changes proposed by the Movement toward Socialism (MAS) government have unleashed protest from conservative sectors of society, leading to suspension of the Constituent Assembly called to revamp the nation's political institutions. Laura Carlsen from Center for International Policy interviews Alvaro Garcia Linera.

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