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A New Information Infrastructure for Financial Markets

Author: Squam Lake Working Group on Financial Regulation

Information about prices and quantities of assets lies at the heart of well-functioning capital markets. In the current financial crisis, it has become clear that many important actors—both firms and regulatory agencies—have not had sufficient information. Distributed by the Center for Geoeconomic Studies, this Working Paper proposes a new regulatory regime for gathering and disseminating financial market information. The authors argue that government regulators need a new infrastructure to collect and analyze adequate information from large (systemically important) financial institutions. This new information framework would bolster the government's ability to foresee, contain, and, ideally, prevent disruptions to the overall financial services industry.

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McKinsey Executive Roundtable Series in International Economics: Beyond Firefighting: Rethinking Financial Market Regulation (Audio)

Speakers: William H. Donaldson, Stephen Friedman, and Ernest Patrikis
Presider: John Gapper

Listen to experts including former Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman William Donaldson discuss what implications the 2008 financial crisis is likely to have for securities regulation.

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What I am worried about

Author: Roger M. Kubarych

In this Nikkei article, Roger Kubarych says that the major threat facing the global economy and financial markets is an enormous decrease in the capacity for risk taking.

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Analysis Brief

Bears in Moscow

Author: Lee Hudson Teslik

The global financial crisis has taken a particularly harsh toll on Russia, where the leading stock index has lost more than half its value since July. Moscow has devised a bailout package, but analysts say more pain could be on the way, particularly if oil prices keep falling.


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Nationalization: A Solution for Housing

Author: Sebastian Mallaby
Washington Post

Nationalizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two monster housing-finance companies, may be risky, but it is healthier than other options.  In this Washington Post op-ed, Sebastian Mallaby argues that the US government should nationalize and then dismantle these institutions, creating maximum space in the mortgage market for smaller private players.

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Our Tarnished Titans

Author: Sebastian Mallaby
Washington Post

For many decades, banking giants such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and others, enjoyed the reputation that came with their economic clout, political influence and sheer wealth. However, recent events at Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns have called into question this polished image, says Sebastian Mallaby.

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