Foreign Aid


Beyond Relief: Helping Haiti (Audio)

Speakers: Pamela Cox, Arvind Subramanian, and Michele Wucker
Presider: Marcus Mabry

Listen to experts discuss the political and economic challenges facing Haiti and the role foreign aid can play in the country's recovery and development.

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Foreign Affairs Article

Banned Aid

Author: Jagdish N. Bhagwati

As the Zambian economist Dambisa Moyo argues, the concept of foreign aid is flawed -- not just because corrupt dictators divert aid for nefarious or selfish purposes but also because even in reasonably democratic countries, aid creates perverse incentives and unintended consequences.

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Global Economic Trends: The Business of Aid

Speakers: R. Glenn Hubbard and Lars H. Thunell
Presider: Roger Leeds

The private sector is recognized as the engine of economic growth, and growth is recognized as a key condition for poverty alleviation. But effectively promoting private investment in the developing world has proven to be a major challenge for those in the field. R. Glenn Hubbard and Lars H. Thunell discuss the relationship between foreign aid and local business in the developing world.

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U.S.-Pakistan Trust Deficit

Amid the latest spate of attacks in Pakistan, furor over a U.S. aid package shows continuing distrust between Washington and Islamabad. CFR's Daniel Markey and Lisa Curtis of the Heritage Foundation say Pakistan poses a difficult challenge.

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Secretary Clinton's 'Important Trip' to Africa

Princeton N. Lyman interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's seven-nation trip to Africa will highlight U.S. security concerns from Somalia to Nigeria and expand on efforts to engage leading African states on governance and trade issues.

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Must Read

WashPost: Pakistan's Critical Hour

Author: Ahmed Rashid

Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid argues that the speed and condition by which the United States provides emergency aid to Pakistan will affect how successful the Pakistanis are in combatting the Taliban encroachment.

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