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The Evolution and Future of Donor Assistance for HIV/AIDS

Authors: Kammerle Schneider and Laurie Garrett

This Working Paper, a contribution to the aids2031 project, focuses on the future of donor financing for HIV prevention and treatment programs and makes recommendations for what the donor community and national governments can do now to build a foundation that ensures steady, long-term funding for HIV/AIDS and alleviates the impact of future challenges.

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The Future of Foreign Assistance Amid Global Economic and Financial Crisis

Author: Laurie Garrett

Though the United States of America faces its toughest budgetary and economic challenges since the Great Depression, it cannot afford to eliminate, or even reduce, its foreign assistance spending. For clear reasons of political influence, national security, global stability, and humanitarian concern the United States must, at a minimum, stay the course in its commitments to global health and development, as well as basic humanitarian relief. In this report, Laurie A. Garrett makes recommendations for the future of foreign aid under a new presidential administration and Congress.

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First Steps Toward a Constructive U.S. Policy in Colombia: Interim Report

In November 1999, the Council on Foreign Relations and Inter-American Dialogue established an independent task force to review and offer recommendations on U.S. policy toward Colombia. The cochairs of the task force have decided to issue this interim report to make an impact on deliberations in Congress, as well as respond to an immediate opportunity to shape the current debate about U.S. policy.

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U.S.-Pakistan Trust Deficit

Amid the latest spate of attacks in Pakistan, furor over a U.S. aid package shows continuing distrust between Washington and Islamabad. CFR's Daniel Markey and Lisa Curtis of the Heritage Foundation say Pakistan poses a difficult challenge.

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Making Aid Work

A senior USAID official and CFR's Isobel Coleman discuss aid priorities in Pakistan and how development programs can be made more effective.

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Amy Frumin on Foreign Aid

Amy Frumin, a CFR international affairs fellow and former USAID representative in Afghanistan, says Washington's current approach to delivering foreign assistance needs to “reorganized.”

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