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Analysis Brief

Israeli-Palestinian Violence Flares

A series of events—the latest an Israeli shelling Tuesday which killed at least nine—has shattered the relative calm between Israel and the Palestinians since the election of Hamas in January. Responding to an earlier shelling which Israel denies, Hamas called off a self-imposed truce and raised fears of a new round of Palestinian-Israeli violence.

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Kipper: Palestinian Economic Desperation May Radicalize Population

Judith Kipper interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

Judith Kipper says the economic boycott of the Hamas government has created a major crisis in the Palestinian territories: "The situation is extremely dangerous because the humanitarian despair is really, really drastic, particularly in Gaza: people are hungry and dying." She says both Israel and the United States miscalculated when they sought to cut off the newly-elected Hamas government from international aid.

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Analysis Brief

Seeking a Foreign Aid Focus

The U.S. State Department, linking development to national security, is taking steps to improve coordination of the country’s fragmented foreign assistance programs. The moves hark back to the foreign aid goals of the Marshall Plan, but are seen by many as too limited.

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Must Read

Humanitarian Response Review

"This Humanitarian Response an independent assessment of the humanitarian system in which the experts identify reasons why the aid commuity sometimes falls short of its goals. The report seeks to demonstrate what the humanitarian system's current capabilities are and shows where the shortfalls lie. Already, it has prompted the discussion of how the entire humanitarian system can ensure faster and better responses to the eneds of people in distress."

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