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The Future of Foreign Assistance Amid Global Economic and Financial Crisis

Author: Laurie Garrett

Though the United States of America faces its toughest budgetary and economic challenges since the Great Depression, it cannot afford to eliminate, or even reduce, its foreign assistance spending. For clear reasons of political influence, national security, global stability, and humanitarian concern the United States must, at a minimum, stay the course in its commitments to global health and development, as well as basic humanitarian relief. In this report, Laurie A. Garrett makes recommendations for the future of foreign aid under a new presidential administration and Congress.

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The Curse of Aid

Authors: Simeon Djankov, Jose G. Montalvo, and Marta Reynal-Querol

Using panel data for 108 recipient countries in the period 1960 to 1999, this paper argues that foreign aid has a negative impact on institutions.

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Why McCain Endures

Author: Michael J. Gerson
Washington Post

“Mccain’s foreign policy idealism has been reaffirmed not because it is wildly popular but because it is unavoidable,” argues Michael J. Gerson.

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Amy Frumin on Foreign Aid

Amy Frumin, a CFR international affairs fellow and former USAID representative in Afghanistan, says Washington's current approach to delivering foreign assistance needs to “reorganized.”

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