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Reforming U.S. Foreign Aid [Rush Transcript; Federal News Service]

Speakers: Mary K. Bush, Leo J. Hindery, and James A. Harmon

The panels from the HELP Commission discuss how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of U.S. foreign aid. The HELP Commission was established by the U.S. Congress to determine how to achieve these goals, and our panel will review its current work as well as additional measures that can be taken to improve U.S. foreign assistance programs.

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PINR: Afghanistan's Role in Iranian Foreign Policy

In this report the Power and Interest News Report website traces the increasing role Iran has been playing in Afghanistan since 2001. It argues that Afghanistan and its ethnic and religious mosaic is a "paradigmatic case" of the importance that trans-state identities play in the geopolitical configuration of the Greater Middle East. It points out that Iran has been the traditional backer of Afghanistan's Shi'a, such as the Hazaras, the Qizilbashs and the Farsiwans, and that this involvement on the part of Iran is only likely to increase.

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Do No Harm: The Global Health Challenge

Speaker: Laurie Garrett
Presider: Gideon Rose

A discussion of Garrett’s newest Foreign Affairs article:

A flood of public and private money has started to flow to the developing world, funding a vast array of efforts to combat AIDS, TB, malaria, and other killer diseases. Unfortunately, writes Garrett, much of that “is leaking away without result,” doing little to improve basic public health on the ground.

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Hudson Institute: Index of Global Philanthropy

The Hudson Institute released its Index of Global Philanthropy.  The second edition of the Index also includes new data and trends in European private giving. While giving data are nowhere near as fully studied as those in the U.S., there is growing interest in measuring Europe's philanthropic flows more carefully. The 2007 Index also presents comparative private giving, remittances data, and government aid for the 22 donor countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. 

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